With over 170 years’ experience in designing, developing and certificating high quality technical qualifications, NCFE is proud to provide schools with a range of qualifications that respond to your needs.

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At NCFE, we understand that every pupil, just like every school, is different and that the traditional academic curriculum may not help everyone achieve their full potential. Our comprehensive schools offer includes our flagship V Cert qualifications for 14-16 year olds which are a technical alternative to a GCSE and count as part of the Progress 8 measure.

From entry level to post-16 Applied Generals, we offer a full suite of qualifications across a range of subject areas. We want to offer pupils a breadth of choice in their next steps whether that is to go on to further study, employment or an apprenticeship.

All our performance point carrying qualifications come with a wide range of resources to support your delivery. You’ll also benefit from award winning customer service to help you every step of the way from curriculum planning, delivery to certification.

About V Certs

V Certs are a technical alternative to GCSEs at Key Stage 4 holding Department for Education (DfE) performance points and recognised in the Progress 8 Measure.

V Certs are appropriate for pupils aged 14-16 who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on experiences and through content which is concrete and directly related to those experiences. They offer equivalent levels of rigour and challenge to a GCSE with clear progression routes and career pathways.

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If you're interested in learning more about V Certs or want to talk to us about our V Cert off click the button below to make an enquiry. 

CACHE qualifications

As the leading sector specialist in Health and Social Care qualifications, we’re delighted to bring schools and pupils technical qualifications and Applied Generals from CACHE. Giving a comprehensive introduction to the Health, Social Care and Childcare industries, CACHE has gained a well-deserved reputation for excellence and leadership. What’s more, the NCFE CACHE Level 2 Award in Child Development and Care is the only level 2 technical qualification which serves as an introduction to child development and well-being.

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Post -16

At Key Stage 5, our Applied Generals carry DfE performance points and enable academic progression to Higher Education with UCAS points also attached.

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Home Nations and International Schools

Schools outside of England can offer NCFE qualifications but you should first check whether these are approved by the relevant regulator in your country.  We recommend that you confirm this with them directly. Learn more about how to become an International Centre with NCFE

Maths and English

Whether your pupils need focus on particular aspects of maths and English with our bitesize qualifications or move on to study our qualifications, you can be sure that you’ll be supported with some amazing tools and resources and also through our partner ForSkills.


This is a free to use website of curated maths and English resources. We’ve done all the legwork for you so that you can simply search by topic, level, and cost to find resources we think are some of the best on the internet.  If you like what we link to, then you can use the site to invite your pupils to use the same resource.  You can also ask your pupils to take a confidence test before and after they’ve used the resource so that you can track distance travelled.

Exam Preparation

Mental health issues are a key focus in schools, with exam stress being recognised as a contributing factor. In 2015-16, ChildLine delivered over 4000 counselling sessions on exam stress to school pupils. At NCFE, we are committed to developing solutions with pupils in mind. GoCalm is a desktop-based app which has been created to directly support pupils cope with the mental pressure of exams; by teaching them to increase their mental focus abilities.

Internal Assessment Support

NCFE iObserve is an app that enables you to record observations, time stamp criteria, provide instant feedback, upload and review recordings, and create a signed declaration with pupils. It supports those doing the observing and the observed to focus on challenge and differentiation, feedback, classroom talk, expectations and skills development.  What iObserve allows you to do is save valuable time, money and paperwork by having an electronic record of all your observations.  It’s a very rapid and precise way to harvest permanent evidence, and you can easily save the recordings to your tablet for exporting to your PC for viewing at a later stage.

News and Announcements

Every month, your school will receive an exclusive newsletter from NCFE where we’ll round up the services messages, policy updates and information that will either directly affect schools and teaching or will help you in your delivery of NCFE qualifications

For more information about our schools products contact us now 0191 240 8833 or [email protected]. Join in the conversation on twitter @NCFESchools.