For many schools PSHE is an important part of pupil development. That’s why we offer a number of awareness raising qualifications specifically focusing on this area.

As the leading provider of Health and Social Care qualifications, CACHE qualifications are best placed to give your Learners an insightful introduction to some of the important personal, social and health issues they may face outside of school.

Each qualification is approved on Section 96 and is small enough to be delivered alongside your existing curriculum. From alcohol awareness to mental health awareness, our qualifications ensure your Learners gain knowledge and understanding of key issues that impact people in society.

The flexibility of many of these qualifications also means that a project-based approach can be used to help Learners growing in confidence and work without supervision. This means your Learners are given freedom to demonstrate their initiative during portfolio-based projects.

PSHE qualifications

Career Ready

We also offer a range of qualifications to help your Learners land that dream job. So whether it’s finding the right career path, pulling together the perfect CV or developing sound enterprise skills, we can help.

What’s more, all of our qualifications in this range are portfolio-based, giving you added flexibility around existing timetables.

Employability qualifications