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Ensure that you’re meeting the requirements for good careers education, information, advice and guidance with our range of solutions.

Teaching resources

Blended learning online programmes  

Accessed via the Moodle platform, you’ll find a host of blended learning programmes to support employability, including lessons plans, schemes of work, and activities in our online, interactive tool for the classroom.

You can gain access to these resources for £2.70 per learner in a class of 30. The more learners you sign up, the more you save.

Blended Learning Resources

A package of employability resources to support your careers information, advice and guidance requirements.


Our employability qualifications allow you to mix and match from a huge range of units to create a qualification that works for your learners.


These qualifications come with a wide range of optional units which you can use to create a bespoke qualification tailored to your learners’ needs.

Explore our pre-made clusters

We've created clusters of units to target skills development in particular areas. Clusters include work awareness, self-improvement and personal effectiveness for work, taking responsibility, preparing for work and more. We've also looked at the top skills that employers are looking for and created a cluster of units to help your learners develop these skills in one qualification.

Occupational Studies

A qualification in Occupation Studies allows your learners to develop employability skills whilst also exploring gaining the skills, knowledge and understanding related to a specific industry. Optional sector specific units include floristry, car mechanics, interior design, cooking, leisure and tourism and many more.

Explore the full range of units or find out more about the qualification on QualHub.

For more suggested clusters or to explore the huge range of units available and create your own bespoke qualifications, take a look at the qualification specification.  

Skills Work from Skills Forward.

Skills Work is an online employability test which accurately measures a learner’s employability skills against 10 key indicators that are vital for employment success.

Learners will complete 10 interactive modules that relate directly to the results of their initial score to upskill them where needed. Each model takes 15 minutes or less to complete.

You can find out more about Skills Work here.

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Tips for Teachers careers guidance

Take a look at our tips for teachers which can help you meet your careers guidance duties.

Explore our career cards

Each of our V Cert Technical Awards comes with a career card to illustrate the jobs roles they relate to.

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Labour Market Intelligence report

This report shows the projection based on labour marketing intelligence, of the jobs that will be available in 2024 in our V Cert sector areas.

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Meeting the Gatsby Good Career Guidance Benchmarks.

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Guide to meeting your career duties

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