Key Stage 4 & V Certs

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V Certs are technical alternative qualifications to GCSEs at Key Stage 4 holding Department for Education (DfE) performance points and recognised in the Progress 8 Measure.

V Certs are the ideal fit for your curriculum and schools and pupils will benefit from a range of subject areas to choose from. They have been designed to fit seamlessly in to timetables alongside core subjects.

V Certs are appropriate for pupils aged 14-16 who are motivated and challenged by learning through hands-on experiences and through content which is concrete and directly related to those experiences. They offer equivalent levels of rigour and challenge to a GCSE with clear progression routes and career pathways.

Subject areas

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Why choose V Certs?

Paul Brennen, PE Leader at Brigshaw High School, explains why they have chosen V Certs. 


We’ve a range of FREE V Cert resources which will help support both you and your pupils.

You can locate the resources available for each qualification by visiting the qualification page on our website and then navigating to the ’support material’ section.

Support material and resources include:

Fact sheets 
Evidence and grading tracker 
External assessment practice papers
Example portfolios
Internal assessment sample tasks
Chief examiner reports
Webinars and events
Video resources and tutorials


  • We’ll process your certification claim within 24 hours
  • Functional Skills results in 6 days
  • A host of FREE learning resources
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V Cert 1 Year Delivery

We understand that some schools and training providers may wish to deliver V Cert qualifications in 1 year.

We’ve provided some pointers to ensure that that you’re fully aware of the important steps that you must consider/be aware of:

  • As the qualifications are designed around 2 year delivery, it’s important to set up a scheme of work to ensure you can fit in the required Guided Learning Hours so that learners are not disadvantaged.
  • The qualifications are skills based, therefore learners need time to hone these skills and have time to practise to develop.
  • Learners will only have access to 2 assessment opportunities in this year. This includes learners first assessment attempt and one resit attempt.
  • The assessment window timescales can be found on the NCFE website at - it’s important to make sure that you’re familiar with this and have enough time to deliver the content of the externally assessed unit before learners attempt the examination.

If you are comfortable that this model is suitable for your learners then:

  • It is vital to register with NCFE as soon as possible to ensure you have access to support from your dedicated Customer Support Advisor.
  • Once you register you’ll get access to subject support from your External Quality Assurer.
  • Get an early quality assurance visit booked in as soon as possible so that we can support you with your internal grading decisions.

If you require any further information or support on any of the points, then please contact the schools team at NCFE on 0191 2408822.