Key Stage 5 & UCAS

NCFE have a range of qualifications suitable for post-16 pupils. Like our qualifications for Key Stage 4, our Key Stage 5 qualifications are underpinned by practical and engaging content. All of our Applied Generals and Tech Levels carry DfE performance points and enable academic progression to Higher Education with UCAS points also attached.

We have both Applied Generals and Tech Levels suitable for post-16 pupils.

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What are Applied Generals?

Level 3 Applied Generals are academic qualifications focusing on using applied learning. The main aim of these qualifications is to facilitate progression to Higher Education.

What are Tech Levels?

Tech Levels are technical qualifications which equip post-16 pupils with the knowledge and skills they need for skilled employment or for further technical study such as higher apprenticeships

What are Tech Certs?

Tech Certs are technical qualifications which equip post-16 pupils with specialist knowledge and skills and enable entry to employment within sectors where employers recognise entry or to facilitate progression on to further technical studies.

Do all KS5 qualifications require a work placement or employer involvement?

No, Applied Generals don’t require work placements/employer involvement in the delivery or the qualification.

Tech Certs and Tech Levels do have an element of work placements. You can find out the requirements in each qualification specification.

Do all qualifications on the KS5 tables attract UCAS points?

Not necessarily, Applied Generals and Tech Level qualifications are level 3 qualifications and are gain automatic approval from UCAS and carry UCAS points. Tech Certs are level 2 qualifications and don’t attract UCAS points.