External Assessments

Everything you need to support with administration of V Cert external assessments.


Reasonable Adjustments

NCFE require you to submit requests for Reasonable Adjustments in line with our policy and guidance documents. We try to make this process as easy as possible and have delegated some adjustments to Schools for them to deliver without notifying NCFE.

If a pupil requires an adjustments which needs approval please complete the request form and attach the relevant evidence.

We are not a JCQ organisation although we do recognise their approval as part of your request. For further detail please access our dedicated pages on Reasonable Adjustments.


V Certs have entry on registration so you can select your assessment window/date when you register your pupils. For re-sit opportunities you will need to use our Portal and enter pupils in line with the published deadlines.

Assessment Windows

V Certs assessments are delivered in windows during the year. The Assessment Windows document has details of the windows per qualification, the closing date for entries and the results release date. Please consult this when planning your delivery

Assessment Variation

In exceptional circumstances, if you aren’t able to accommodate the published assessment dates you may request a variation. Further details can be found in the Regulations for Conduct of External Assessment document on our Policy page.

Request a late entry

We understand there are times when you may miss the assessment entry deadline. In these circumstances please contact your Customer Support Advisor who will be able to assist you. Please be aware late entries will incur an additional fee. For details of our fees please refer to the fees and pricing document.

Request a withdrawal

If this is prior to receipt of papers please notify your Customer Support Advisor. A pupil must only be identified as Did Not Attend on the External Assessment Register if they had no sight of the external assessment paper. On receipt of the paperwork this learner will be marked as withdrawn.

Conducting the External Assessment

Regulations for the Conduct of External Assessment

All external assessments must be conducted under appropriate conditions in line with the guidance in the Regulations, in here you’ll find qualification specific guidance to support you in getting it right every time.

Invigilation and/or supervision

All  external assessments for NCFE qualifications must be conducted in line with the Regulations for the Conduct of External assessment. This document explains the requirements of the room along with the Invigilator’s and/or Supervisor’s responsibilities.

If you have any concerns our Invigilation training may help to clarify the requirements with live examples.

Examiner Visits

Some qualifications require an Examiner visit. You will be contacted by the Examiner at the start of the assessment window to arrange a visit date. your school will be required to securely store completed pupil evidence for the visit.

Post Assessment Services

Special Considerations

If a pupil requires a special consideration due to unforeseen circumstances that may have impacted their performance in the external assessment please complete the form within 7 working days of the assessment taking place or the window closing.


Your pupils’ results will be published in the Portal on results release day. You can find results release dates in the Assessment Windows document. Your results paperwork will contain the overall grade which the learner achieved.

Post result services

Enquiries about results

We understand that there are times when a pupil or school feels a pupil’s result is seriously at variance with their reasonable expectations. An enquiry about the result can be submitted by the school on behalf of the pupils. To find out more about our process please access our dedicated page for Enquiries and Appeals about Results and Assessment Decisions.

V Cert Qualifications External Assessment Windows

This document provides the external assessment windows for our V Cert qualifications.


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