Qualification Processing

All you need to know! Use these pages to support your delivery of NCFE qualifications

External assessment:  to find out more about preparing and delivering the external assessment visit our dedicated page here

Internal assessment: to find out more about preparing and delivering the internal assessments visit our dedicated page here

In order to understand your learner’s achievements we have the below tool:

Grading Calculator

This handy tool can support with working out your pupils overall grade based on their current performance in their internal and external assessments. This can be useful in deciding whether to re-sit the external assessment to try and improve their grade or for providing information on progress to the pupil and their parents. The calculator is qualification specific and can be downloaded from the Support material section of the appropriate product page where applicable.

Malpractice and Maladministration

Malpractice and maladministration may disadvantage pupils and may negatively affect the integrity of the qualification.

If you suspect malpractice, you must report it to NCFE using our Notification of Maladministration/Malpractice form, or Whistle-blowing form.

There are sometimes cases where Examiners identify discrepancies in pupil evidence during marking. This may be similarities between different learners or the presence of support materials in their submission, amongst other things.

If this should happen we’ll contact you to carry out an investigation.

The investigation will be conducted in line with the Malpractice and Maladministration policy.