Guidance on rejecting and resubmitting grades

This update replaces information in Section 2 Assessment and Quality Assurance – Submitting unit grades of the qualification specification.

During the visit your External Quality Assurance (EQA) will sample learners from your full cohort to determine whether you’ve applied the grading descriptors consistently per unit and in accordance with the qualification specification. This is in addition to checking your assessment decisions and quality assurance processes and procedures etc. At the end of the visit they’ll discuss their findings with you, and this discussion will include the staff relevant for the qualification, eg Assessor, Internal Quality Assurer.

Grades are agreed

If your EQA is satisfied that your assessment decisions meet the standard and that your application of the grading descriptors is correct then, following the visit, they will bank your grades. 

Grades are disagreed

If your EQA has concerns about the grading, they’ll discuss this fully with you during the visit and they’ll widen their sample of learners work. Your EQA will ensure that you understand the areas of concern and will agree grades for the learners’ work. After the visit, your EQA will reject the grades within 1 working day which allows you to resubmit the grades as agreed for the learners. This should be done within 2 working days of the visit so the EQA can bank these grades. 

As soon as grades have been banked this allows for a second submission for a unit, therefore avoiding a delay in getting work reassessed and going through the cycle of internal quality assurance and external quality assurance for the first submission.

The decisions made will be documented in the EQA Visit Report you’ll receive within 5 working days of your visit.

If you have any queries regarding this update please contact your External Quality Assurance via the details they have provided or the Schools Team on 0191 240 8822.