Learners on the boundary of Level 1 /Level 2

We’ve had a few queries from centres about what they should do with learners who are on the border of level 1/level 2 (the equivalent of grade C/D borderline).

Teachers should make an assessment of the learner’s ability/level and make a decision based on this assessment. However if they are unsure, there are a few options.

Register the learner for one level (this can be level 1 or level 2)

Your learner can sit the external assessment for the chosen level and the result of which (alongside the grades achieved in the internally assessed units) will inform the decision on which level the learner should be on.

The learner can be moved to the appropriate level (for fees see our Fees and Pricing document), and the teacher must ensure that all internally assessed work is mapped to the new level. Any gaps in Assessment Criteria must be addressed with the learner, and work must be re-assessed and internally and externally moderated. You will need to request a withdrawal and then re-register the learner on the other level.

The usual rules apply, so the learner will still have 2 opportunities to sit the external assessment at the new level (one free and one resit charged at £7.50 if required).

If the centre is delivering a qualification over one year instead of 2, the learner may not have the opportunity for 2 attempts at the external assessment depending on the Assessment Windows.

Register the learner for both levels

This is the equivalent of double entering the learner. Your learner will still have the opportunity to sit the external assessment for both levels twice, however this should be considered carefully as there may be added pressure on the learner completing both external assessments.

An issue may arise if the learner achieves both levels, as when your centre claims certificates the “first entry” rule applies for the performance tables. If you want to claim the highest points (which will be for the Level 2), please ensure you claim the full certificate first for the learner. If you claim the level 1 full certificate first, those lower points will count for the first entry. Information about the performance points can be found on our website.

Please be aware that you will be charged for registering on both qualifications. There are options to cancel or withdraw learners and the usual process/fees apply:

  • cancellation within 30 days incurs a cancellation fee however the registration fee is reimbursed
  • withdrawal of a learner does not incur any fee, however you won’t be reimbursed their registration fee.

Delivering level 1 and level 2 at the same time.

We have a lot of centres who are delivering both level 1 and 2 at the same time as they have a mixed ability class. This is fine and the same scenarios can be used as long as:

  • the Teacher ensures that the tasks address all the Assessment Criteria from both levels
  • there’s sufficient stretch for merit and distinction at both levels.