V Cert Assessment Checking Service

The Assessment Checking Service is available for centres who have learners registered on V Cert qualifications and is useful for Teachers/Assessors who are new to the V Certs.

The Assessment Checking Service provides centres with the opportunity to have your assessments checked by an occupationally competent person to ensure that you:

  • cover all the assessment criteria
  • provide the opportunities for stretch and challenge
  • are accessible and lead to objective assessment judgements
  • permit and encourage authentic activities where the learner’s own work can be clearly judged
  • permit effective discrimination between learners operating at different levels

This is a one-off feedback service to provide you with guidance as to whether your assessment is fit for purpose.  We don’t provide formal sign off of the assessment but you will receive recommendations for your assessment.

The unit assessment will be checked for:

  • content
  • level and literacy demand
  • equality and diversity
  • coverage of learning outcomes and assessment criteria

The unit assessment will not be reviewed for:

  • spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting
  • house style
  • size of answer space

It is your responsibility to ensure they are accurate and fit for purpose.

There are two elements to this service:

  • free service – We will review one mandatory unit per qualification with registered learners free of charge.
  • chargeable service - When you have used your free allocation, then remaining mandatory unit reviews will be charged, as will optional units. Charge per unit is £50

You will receive feedback on their assessments within 10 working days from receipt of your documents.

You will need a Mapping Matrix as part of this process. If you don’t have a Mapping Matrix template please download our template.

Once you have submitted your form we will contact you.

Assessment Checking Service Centre request form

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Copyright It’s your responsibility to ensure that appropriate copyright and release permission have been given for any images, text or sound used within the assessments. You must also ensure that all sources are detailed in the resources.