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Core Maths

Support your 16-19 achievements by embedding Core Maths in your curriculum 

We’re proud to offer the Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Everyday Life (Core Maths).  Core Maths is a great addition to your curriculum, providing learners with the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence by using maths to solve meaningful and relevant problems.  The popularity of A Level Further Mathematics has grown rapidly in recent years, and demand for Core Maths is increasing as more young people and their parents become aware of its value.  

It’s more likely that learners who study maths alongside their A Levels, T Levels or study programmes will achieve better results in them than those who don’t. Universities have started to favour those who have taken a Core Maths, AS or A Level Mathematics qualification, with an enhanced offer. 

We’ve worked with CIMT to offer a context-led qualification that allows learners to deepen and extend their mathematical understanding in an everyday life aspect of future needs. The key themes we have built our qualification around are understanding personal finance, commerce, chance and data. 

Our flexible approach allows this qualification to be completed over a 12- or 24-month period, qualified for UCAS and Performance points, advanced maths premium funding and is supported by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). 

Why offer NCFE Core Maths?  
  • 3 contextualised routes in business and administration, engineering and manufacturing and health and science

  • Suite of teaching resources that provides schemes of work, session plans, PowerPoint lessons, activity sheets and guidance on delivery

  • Free support from our Provider Development team, including 3 consultations in the first 12 months

  • 3 sample assessments per contextualised route

  • 3 general sample assessments that allow your learners to practise ahead of their final assessments.

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