External Quality Assurance

When learners are registered on to one of our units or qualifications, we’ll allocate an External Quality Assurer to support you with the delivery of our qualifications.

Your learners should be registered with us as soon as possible. The sooner you register, the sooner we’ll provide you with your External Quality Assurer!

By reviewing your internal assessment and quality assurance systems and processes, our External Quality Assurers ensure that you’re continuing to meet our quality standards. They’ll come and visit you up to twice a session for each qualification you offer and provide you with guidance and feedback. The 2 visits are FREE, although you can pay for additional visits if you’d like to.

Our 10 Easy Steps to External Quality Assurance gives a step by step guide to external quality assurance.

To make things easier, we’ll sometimes group qualifications together for external quality assurance and this is likely to be done if there are several qualifications at the same level and in the same subject. We also group qualifications and standalone units together in this way, so that both can be covered within the same external quality assurance visit.

During the external quality assurance visit, your External Quality Assurer will sample a range of learner portfolios. If you’re offering NCFE units and qualifications that have been grouped for external quality assurance, both will be sampled in the same External Quality Assurance visit.

Direct Claim Status (DCS) allows you to claim certificates on demand instead of us requiring the certificate claim to be signed off by the External Quality Assurer. Direct Claim Status arrangements apply to both qualifications and units.

We really value centre feedback and an external quality assurance visit is a great opportunity for you to tell us what you think of the product. All feedback will inform product evaluation and help our Product Development team ensure the product is meeting its intended purpose.

Prior to a external quality assurance visit, please complete the Section 12 Feedback Form and return this to your External Quality Assurer as advised on the form.