Remote External Quality Assurance Request

If you’ve had an external quality assurance visit for a qualification in the same sector within the current or previous session, you can submit a request for remote external quality assurance.

Remote external quality assurance allows your allocated External Quality Assurer (EQA) to review your internal systems and processes and sign off certification claims, without visiting your centre.  Remote external quality assurance can be used instead of an EQA visit for no additional charge and will contribute to your achievement/maintenance of Direct Claims Status (DCS).  If your 2 free visits have already been used, the following costs will apply;

1 Qualification - £150

2 Qualifications - £275

3 Qualifications - £400

4 Qualifications - £525

5 Qualifications - £650

Before submitting your request, please note that you’ll be required to send your allocated EQA evidence of the systems and processes you have in place to meet the criteria in the external quality assurance report, including a sample of learner portfolios.  For further details of what this may include, please see the user guide to visit reports.  If you’re unable to provide all required information to the EQA, a centre visit will be required.

Where possible, all information should be sent by email or provided through remote access to your systems, although paper-based documentation can be sent, care of NCFE.  It is recommended that paper documentation is sent by special or recorded delivery and copies should be retained.

Prior to approval of remote external quality assurance, NCFE will review your request and contact you with a decision within 5 working days.  NCFE reserve the right to refuse any requests but, in these situations, will explain to you why a centre visit is required.

Please note that remote external quality assurance is not currently available for our V Cert qualifications.

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