Planning for Success

NCFE wants to support you with the design, planning and delivery of your Study Programme packages to your 16-19 year old learners. This is why we’ve designed example curriculum plans centred around the Substantial Vocational qualification.

These curriculum plan models demonstrate how NCFE’s new and exciting vocation solutions not only complement your own activities to meet the needs of your learners, but they also provide an alternative solution to what’s currently available in the market.

Each model contains the following set of documents:

Entry and Progression Routes: This suggests entry criteria you could apply to your course and probable learner progression routes.

Progression Map: Includes progression and destination options.

Programme Plan: This is a proposal stage which looks at the unit structure of the Substantial qualification, the time suggested against each unit, and any additional qualifications or activities which would make up the full Study Programme.

Curriculum Plan: Once the initial structure is formed, this document looks at allocating staff, resources and initial timetable considerations, including options to account for English and maths requirements.

Timetable: This demonstrates how a typical week might look for a learner studying on this programme.

The total hours of these example curriculum plan models represent the likely time spent on planned delivery. Actual planned learning hours will vary depending on individual learner needs and delivery method.