the grass is greener.

Switching to NCFE means you’ll be working with an awarding organisation you can rely on.

NCFE is the only awarding organisation to feature in ICMI’s Top 50 Companies for Customer Service for 2 years running, which means that with NCFE you’re in great hands.

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Switching to NCFE means...

  • It's personal.

    When you work with NCFE you’ll be allocated both a dedicated Customer Support Advisor and Business Development contact.

    Your Customer Support Advisor is your ‘go-to’ person for queries to do with our systems and processes such as Online Assessment, the NCFE Portal and anything else from approval to certification!


    Your Business Development contact is on hand to help you get the most our of NCFE’s products and services. They can offer advice on things such as qualification, curriculum planning and funding.

  • You’re supported.

    Our learning resources support both you and your learners.

    These include free NCFE resources which range from Qualification Support Packs (QSP), course file documents, iBooks and support guides. Using our resources aren’t mandatory but we want to provide you that little something extra to help you and your learners along the way!


  • Speedy service.

    We don’t just do things well, we do them quickly!

    Our industry leading service level agreements mean that you’re never waiting around for us.

    You’ll never wait longer than…

    • 24 hours for us to process your certificate claims
    • 1 day for us to respond to your email
    • 2 rings to speak to us on the phone
    • 1 day for your additional product approval.

1. Talk to our friendly switching team

You can give us a call on 0191 240 8833 where you'll get straight through to our Business development team, you can also get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected] The Business development team team can help you with any queries you might have about switching to NCFE!

2. Complete our online approval form

Our approval process is really quick and easy! All you have to do is use Qualification Finder to search for the qualifications you want to offer and add them to your shortlist. Once you've done this, hover over your shortlist and click 'request approval'. You'll then be taken to our online form, which is tailored to you so you only enter the information we need, meaning it's quicker for you and we can turn your approval around in 5 working days!

When you’re approved you'll be given a dedicated Customer Support Advisor and Business Development Officer if you're a brand new customer (if you already work with us these contact will stay the same), who will support you through the switch, and we'll be sure to work with you and your existing practices. 

3. Start registering your learners!

Now you’re approved all you need to do is start registering your learners!

You register your learners on the NCFE Portal and your Customer Support Advisor can talk you through this, or even come and visit you to offer you the support you need with our systems. You’ll be allocated an External Quality Assurer within 7 days of your learners being registered, and then you’re all set to start delivering your qualifications! 


If you have any questions about switching to NCFE, take a look at our FAQs or get in touch with our Switching team!

NCFE video content

  • Customer Support Visits

    In this video we show you what your Customer Support Advisor can do for you on a visit to your centre. They'll be able to give you demonstrations of our tools and systems, such as the NCFE Portal, and give you advice on anything you're struggling with. You can also request an additional Customer Support visit at no extra cost!

  • NCFE External Quality Assurance

    Our External Quality Assurers are here to help you on every step of your journey with us. Find out why NCFE's quality assurance will make your life easier and ensure you and your learners are getting the most out of our qualifications.

  • Welcome to NCFE TV!

    We bring you our video showcase, NCFE TV.  We'll provide you with advice on educational hot topics, as well as case studies, infographics, case studies and the odd fun video for your amusement!  Make sure to subscribe to the Channel!


How do I become an NCFE approved centre?

If you'd like to become an NCFE approved centre, you can follow the 3 easy steps on our Offering NCFE Qualifications page.

First of all, use our Qualification Finder to search for the qualifications you'd like approval for. Once you have them all, hover over your shortlist and click 'request approval'. You'll then be taken to our online form to fill out. It's tailored to you, so you'll only have to enter the information that we need.

How do I apply to offer additional qualifications with NCFE?

If you'd like to run additional qualifications with NCFE, you can follow the 3 easy steps on our Offering NCFE Qualifications page.

I’m delivering the same qualification with another Awarding Organisation, will I be able to use my existing paperwork?

In the majority of cases this is fine, however we would want you to remove any other Awarding Organisation branding. If this isn't possible, we would be happy to provide you with NCFE branded paperwork.

I have work books and lesson plans already in place; will I be able to continue to use these with NCFE?

Providing that the qualifications are the same and the material you have developed meets the learning outcomes then yes.

Will I be able to transfer my Direct Claim Status from another Awarding Organisation?

As long as the qualification is the same and you can provide written evidence, we will honour your direct claims status with another Awarding Organisation.

My assessors are nervous about changing provider and would like some support with NCFE’s processes and procedures, do you offer any support?

A range of Assessor and Verifier support is available. You can discuss your needs with our Customer Support Team or Business Development Team

Do I need to have an approval visit?

That will depend on what experience your centre has of delivering qualifications. If you're already approved by another recognised UK Awarding Body, we'll probably not need to carry out an approval visit. If you aren't already approved by another recognised UK awarding body, we'll need to carry out an approval visit to check you have the appropriate system and procedure in place to meet the NCFE Approval Criteria. This applies if your centre approval application with another Awarding Body is in progress. 

The Approval visit is a support visit which will help your centre to prepare for delivering NCFE qualifications. It will also give you an idea of how the quality assurance visits will take place.

How does quality assurance work? 

When your centre registers learners you will be assigned a quality assurer for each qualification that you deliver. If you prefer, we will try to assign as few quality assurers as possible to quality assure all of your provision. You're entitled to 2 free quality assurance visits per year, but you have the option to pay for additional visits if you require them. If you have or achieve DCS standard for any of your qualifications you'll still be entitled to the 2 free visits.

When will I be allocated a quality assurer?

Your quality assurer(s) will be allocated to your centre once you register learners so it’s a good idea to do this early on in order to benefit from the advice and support that they can offer. Once allocated you can arrange a mutually convenient time for quality assurance to take place. It’s best not to leave it until the end of the academic year as this is the busiest period for quality assurance.

How do NCFE systems differ from current AO?

This will depend on your current Awarding Organisation. If you'd like to talk to someone about the differences between us and other awarding organisations, feel free to give us a call on 0191 239 8000 or email [email protected]