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Creating the next generation of health and science workers

T Levels mark a revolution in technical education.

NCFE is spearheading the development of the technical qualifications that will sit at the centre of the following 3 health and science T Levels:

  • Health
  • Healthcare science
  • Science

Health and science T levels are a high-quality, work-focussed alternative to A levels for young people once they’ve completed their GCSEs.

They will be available for delivery from September 2021. Once launched, they will become one main routes through which a young person will enter the health and science sector.

Backed by employers, developed by experts

We’re working with over 133 leading health and science sector bodies, employers, expert practitioners and training providers to develop the technical qualification that underpins the health and science T Levels. 

This substantial collaboration enables us to ensure these technical qualifications reflect the needs of the health and science sector and specialist occupations they serve – in turn supporting students’ preparation for work or further study in the sector.

Supporting providers every step of the way

We understand that delivering T levels is a major change for training providers.  That's why we’re developing a comprehensive package of support materials and activities to help providers get ready to deliver brilliant T level programmes.

Our offer includes:   

  • Guidance documents
  • Support videos
  • Sample assessment materials

An extension of your T Level team

Every NCFE T Level provider is assigned a dedicated account specialist who is on hand to support them throughout their T Level journey. This single point of contact means the answer to any T Level query is never more than a phone call or email away. 

About the health and science T Levels

These Level 3 technical qualifications will provide learners with the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to progress into skilled employment or higher level technical training or study in the health and science sector. The core knowledge and understanding will be assessed through an examination and core skills through a practical employer-set project. In addition to this, maths, English and general digital skills will be integrated within the qualification in occupationally relevant contexts.

The core content for the 3 T Levels will cover the following areas:

  • Working within the health and science sector
  • Health
  • Safety and environmental regulations in the health and science sector
  • Managing information and data within the health and science sector
  • Good scientific and clinical practice
  • Core science concepts

The breadth of content will ensure learners can apply their skills for different purposes and in different roles.

What are the occupational specialisms?

The specialisms for the health T Level are:

  • Supporting Healthcare - Supporting the Adult Nursing team
  • Supporting Healthcare - Supporting the Midwifery team
  • Supporting Healthcare - Supporting the Mental Health team
  • Supporting Healthcare - Supporting the care of Children and Young People
  • Supporting Healthcare - Supporting the Therapy teams

Dental nursing

  • Dental Nurse
  • Senior Dental Nurse
  • Oral Health Educator
  • Treatment Co-ordinator
  • NVQ Assessor
  • Practice Manager
  • Specialist Dental Nurse (Orthodontics, sedation, implantology)
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Therapist

The specialism for the healthcare T Level is:

  • Assisting with Healthcare Science

The specialisms for the science T Level are:

  • Technical: Laboratory Sciences
  • Technical: Food Sciences
  • Technical: Metrology Sciences

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