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How to get approved to deliver T Levels 

Here’s our advice on how to best gain approval to deliver T Levels, if you’re not already: 

  • Apply when you’re ready to be allocated an External Quality Assurer (EQA) to carry out an approval review. Your EQA will be allocated within 20 working days of you applying, so make sure you’re ready for that to happen.  
  • Have each of your departments apply for each T Level you want to deliver at the same time, so your EQA can review each qualification you intend to deliver in good time. 

Those are the two basics to bear in mind, but here’s a more detailed look at our approval process.  

How to gain approval  
If you’re not currently approved to deliver NCFE qualifications 

You’ll need to begin our new provider approval process if you haven’t delivered our qualifications before. This video explains how it works. While going through the approval process, you’ll be able to identify which T Levels you want approval for.   

If you’re already approved to deliver NCFE qualifications 

Although you may currently deliver NCFE qualifications, you’ll need to gain an additional product approval to deliver T Level technical qualifications. Watch this video to find out how this approval process works.  

If you are applying to deliver T Level technical qualifications for the first time you will require an approval review. To ensure we can complete your approval within 30 working days as required, please be aware we will request you have your approval review within 20 working days from your application submission.   

How we’ll support you through approval 

We have developed this guidance document with instructions on how to gain approval to deliver T Levels which will hopefully give all the details you need. If you have further questions on the approval process, please contact us at: [email protected]. 



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