Create a workforce for the future

Traineeships are the perfect solution to get learners career-ready, creating a pool of high-quality future employees across a range of sectors.

The Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper references the need for young people to be able to develop the skills required for the highly paid, highly skilled jobs of the future; a Traineeship can do just that!

With Traineeships from NCFE, you can build a skilled and reliable workforce, while increasing learners’ employability prospects, local employment and work productivity.

What is a Traineeship?

  • Programmes that include 6 weeks-6 months of work experience.
  • For learners aged 16-25, who are unemployed and have not achieved a full level 3 qualification.
  • Include four key elements:

An optional flexible element can also be included which is used to increase the Study Programme hours and draw down more funding.

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Funding guidance for Traineeships 

Traineeship funding simplified. Find out about funding options for 16-18 and 19-24 learners.

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A unique and flexible offer from NCFE

Our offering is unique and features key benefits.

  • 200 fundable qualifications – includes a suite of maths and English qualifications.
  • Covers a range of industry sectors – suitable for a large number of organisations and learners.
  • Free learning resources – available with a number of our qualifications to support delivery and learner outcomes.
  • A ‘mix-and-match’ package – tailor your Traineeships to individual learners.
  • Personalised to your needs – develop your own in-house training with our Accreditation Services, or use your own training courses as part of a Traineeship programme, which can be given the NCFE stamp of approval.

Did you know?

Traineeships have positive learner outcomes, with 29% of learners beginning an apprenticeship and 57% starting further learning 12 months after starting their Traineeship.

The Department for Education (DfE) Traineeships Impact Evaluation report, June 2019.

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