Creating a workforce for the future

Partner with NCFE and your company can help young people aged 16-24 make the important leap from education to the workplace. It’s all made possible by our unique offering which has been created to build transferable skills and core attributes, and as a result, establish a pool of high-quality future recruits across a range of different sectors.

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Arming young people with the knowledge they’ll need

Traineeships are short periods of training and work experience designed for learners who aren’t yet ready to take an apprenticeship or start work. Traineeships can last up to a maximum of 6 months, during this time they provide young people with the vital skills and workplace experience that will make them attractive to potential employers.

What do Traineeships consist of?

Our Traineeships are comprised of the following core elements:

  • English or English for speaker of other languages (ESOL)
  • maths
  • work placements (minimum of 100 hours)
  • work preparation and training.

An optional flexible element can also be included which is used to increase the study programme hours and draw down more funding. It can also be used to theme the traineeship and prepare learners for a specific workplace.

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NCFE - your ideal partner for delivering traineeships

There’s no better traineeship provider you could choose than NCFE. That’s because our offering is unique and features numerous key benefits.

  • 200 fundable qualifications to select from, including a suite of maths and English qualifications.
  • A variety of fundable traineeship programmes in different industry sectors.
  • Free learning resources for many of our qualifications.
  • A ‘mix-and-match’ package that allows you to tailor your traineeships to individual learners.
  • Our Accreditation Services allow you to develop your own in-house training to suit the needs of employers, learners and local skills requirements. If you prefer to use your own training courses as part of a traineeship programme, our Accreditation team will be happy to help you. 

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We can provide all the help you need to plan and deliver personalised traineeships programmes. For information get in touch with our Business Development team.

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On our dedicated website QualHub, you’ll find:

  • qualifications details
  • learning resources
  • approval forms
  • delivery support
  • much more.
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Traineeships Builder

Try our Traineeship builder which has been designed to make tailoring your perfect Traineeship programme easier than ever.

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