We've updated our units offer and now ALL of our stand-alone units are £13, regardless of credit value!

The delivery of units to unemployed learners is part of the flexibilities available under the Single Adult Skills Budget (SASB) covering mainstream delivery to 19+ learners.

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) will fund stand-alone units from the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) when delivered to eligible unemployed learners and through provision delivered as part of the Offender Learning and Skills Service (OLASS) and the Joint Investment Programme. Units can also be funded as part of ESF Response to Redundancy. A full list of fundable units is published by the SFA.

We have a range of stand-alone units in a number of sectors:

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) has produced a list of QCF units and award sized qualifications to support 19+ individuals who are unemployed and looking for work. This offer is part of the new flexibilities under the single Adult Skills Budget and these units and awards are a central part of the offer to support the unemployed.

A range of award sized NCFE qualifications have also been approved to support individuals aged 19+ who are unemployed and need help to enter work. These are listed below:

Qualification Title
Level Guided Learning Hours (GLH) Credit Value
Award in the Principles of Coaching Sport (600/0460/5) 1 33 4
Award in the Principles of Coaching Sport (500/9847/0) 2 63 9
Award in Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events (500/5546/X) 2 40 5
Award in Developing Enterprise Skills (500/8445/8) 2 40 4

We’re not stopping there…

We’re continuing to expand the range of NCFE units available for individual registration and certification.  If you’re offering units we’d like to hear more on your plans so that we can consider these as part of our developments. Please get in touch by contacting your local Business Development Team representative.

NCFE also offer a number of qualifications which can help learners develop the skills they need to find work and secure a job. The SFA have approved many of these qualifications for funding for unemployed learners. Some examples include:

  • Level 1 Award in CV Writing
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 Certificate in Job Search and Employability Skills
  • Level 2 Award in Practical Food Safety for Catering
  • Level 2 Award in Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events
  • Level1, 2 and 3 Awards in the Principles of Coaching Sport

A full list of fundable qualifications is published by the SFA. Please contact your local Business Development Team representative with any queries on the qualifications or units NCFE offer.