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We design, develop and certify diverse, nationally recognised qualifications and awards, which have contributed to the success of millions of learners at all levels, bringing them closer to fulfilling their personal goals.

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EPA Plus

We have everything plus a little extra when it comes to end-point assessment
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We're a FAB Awards Finalist!

Our Relationships, Sex and Health Education suite of qualifications has been annouced as a finalist in the 'Qualification of the Year' category.
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Fully Functional

NCFE’s campaign to create a level playing field for English and maths
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On our dedicated website QualHub, you’ll find:

  • details on all qualifications including learning resources
  • approval forms to get started
  • offer additional qualifications
  • delivery support – from assessment windows to sample portfolios
  • quality assurance advice – prepare for and request a visit
  • online assessment support
  • direct claim status information
  • policies
  • much more.
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AEB devolution

Supporting you through the devolution evolution

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Study Programmes

Whether your learners are going on to university or hoping to embark on a career, NCFE study programmes provide a structured learning experience, giving 16- 19 year old learners the best possible chance of success. Our substantial qualifications are endorsed and accepted by a number of universities.
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Routes to success

Plan your curriculum and map your learners’ progression routes with our sector maps and guides.
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Key Stage 4 & V Certs

V Certs are technical alternative qualifications to GCSEs at Key Stage 4 holding Department for Education (DfE) performance points and recognised in the Progress 8 Measure.
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Accreditation and Employer Services

Our products give you Awarding Organisation (AO) recognition for your own qualifications and programmes.
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Engaging with hard to reach learners

There are a whole host of reasons why you might encounter challenging students, and often, the reasons behind their behaviour aren’t entirely clear. Even when you can identify a cause, that on the surface appears to be more obvious, such as recent bereavement, displacement or physical illness, it doesn’t necessarily make challenging behaviour easier to tackle.

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Give every child the opportunity to become the person they are capable of being

Matthew Burton is the head teacher at Thornhill Community Academy in Dewsbury and appeared on Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire. Matthew has written for NCFE about making pivotal curriculum decisions on behalf of learners by using a considered and creative approach to ensure learning success and wellbeing across all intersections of the school.

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Tips for teachers - managing your own mental health: sleep

When it comes to self-care, research and data implies the most important element is sleep. If we are to be productive in whatever our life demands and be able to face the challenges we are confronted with, then sleep is the cornerstone of being able to do this and stay well.

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