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Skills Work: Measure core employability skills 

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Getting to the heart of employability

Designed in partnership with employability practitioners and adult education specialists, Skills Work is a psychometric test that measures learners’ core employability skills, as identified by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). 

Test key skills 

Skills Work quickly, accurately and objectively measures a learner’s core employability skills and identifies strengths and weaknesses. Skills covered in the test include collaboration, communication, creativity, motivation, persistence, personal responsibility and more. 

Learners then receive a personalised plan based on the skills gaps indicated in their assessment, and this directs them to the specific resources they’ll need to improve in these areas. 

Interactive resources 

Skills Work is supported by a set of innovative resources including video tutorials, practice skills, interactive games, and summative assessments which contribute to the development of key employability skills. With a tracking system and reporting dashboards that capture results at learner, group, and institution level, you can measure the distance travelled by each learner. You’ll also find options for target setting, e-portfolio evidence capture, and integration with other third party platforms. 

Progress tracking

Tutors can accurately track learner progress and distance travelled from the start to the end of their course.

Endorsed by industry 

As well as mapping our assessment and resources to the key employability skills sought by employers as identified by the CBI, Skills Work has been endorsed by the Institute of Employability Professionals to embed the Gatsby Career Benchmark criteria into our assessment and supporting resources. 

We've seen nothing but a positive impact. When learners are first signed up, they complete initial assessments to determine the level they are currently working at.

Laura Robinson, Learning Support Officer, Eden Training Solutions 
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