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Transport, logistics and engineering

An industry keen to recruit enthusiastic and driven learners, it’s a great time to consider the opportunities that transport, logistics and engineering provide.

Sector insights

Employing more than 2.7 million people1, the world of transportation and logistics is a bustling and energetic industry that operates 24/7, and 365 days of the year. 

The pandemic highlighted the transport and logistics industry’s ability to adapt and to continue to operate and deliver. It also provided increased job opportunities2 across the supply chain, from logistics managers through to HGV drivers. 

However, over 85% of engineering and manufacturing firms3 have said they’re facing skills shortages. An ageing workforce, a lack of qualified candidates and general understaffing are all current industry concerns. 

It’s therefore a sensible time to build a curriculum to support the transport, logistics and engineering sector. Our range of qualifications provide learners with the skills and knowledge to provide pathways directly into employment. 

Case Study

Engineering futures

Beverley Grammar School currently delivers NCFE’s V Cert in Engineering. As the oldest state school in England, a long standing aim is for their pupils to have the ambition and confidence to achieve their dreams - and providing opportunities for pupils to become leaders is one way of achieving this. 

Daniel Bibbington, Head of Design and Technology at Beverley Grammar School, said: “We chose to deliver NCFE’s V Certs because we found that the qualifications provided more opportunities for pupils to engage in practical hands-on experience, in comparison with other vocational qualifications. 

“We’ve seen pupils of all ability groups, including SEN learners and Pupil Premium students, make very good progress on the course – more so than with their other subjects. I'd definitely recommend V Certs to other schools.” 

Laura Mulligan, Engineering Teacher at the school, added: “The learners have all found this course really interesting. We have mixed ability groups, and some learners are interested in pursuing engineering at a higher level, whereas others are more vocationally inclined and plan to seek out an apprenticeship route. V Certs give scope for both routes.” 

As a result of what they’ve learnt from their V Cert in Engineering, four learners from Beverley Grammar School have started a work experience placement with BAE Systems, a multinational company providing some of the world’s most advanced technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions. 

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2Overview of the UK's transport industry

3Skills shortage concerns go way beyond Crossrail

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