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Transfer of achievement for Functional Skills English

Transfer of achievement is the process through which learners can transfer achievement of individual Functional Skills English components between registrations held with different awarding organisations (AOs), to allow them to complete the qualification.

It is available to individual learners who have not achieved an overall Functional Skills qualification in English, but who have achieved individual components within the qualification.

This may be required because:

  • A learner has moved centre during the delivery of the qualification and their new centre uses a different AO for Functional Skills
  • A centre has changed AO for the delivery of Functional Skills English during the delivery of the qualification for some learners.

Evidence requirements

Supporting evidence is required to support all transfer of achievement requests.

Evidence provided must clearly identify the learner, the component, the achievement, and be an official document generated from an AO. This could include:

  • An AO certificate
  • Documentation generated from an AO system, such as a results slip.

NCFE will not accept documents generated from a centre's internal student information management system as proof of achievement.

Unique learner number (ULN)

The unique learner number (ULN) allocated to a candidate must be retained when transferring achievement between AOs.

Please note

Certificates will not have any indication that a transfer of achievement has taken place and will simply state that the component is achieved.

No special considerations will be considered solely on the grounds of a transfer of achievement.

How to apply to transfer achievement to NCFE

Please complete the transfer of achievement form below, and email it to [email protected], ensuring you have attached all relevant supporting evidence. Our Customer Support Team will be in touch within 5 working days of submitting the form.

The form must identify all individual learners and evidence must be provided for all learners. The form cannot be used to transfer whole batches using only their batch number.

Transfer of achievement form