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Specialist recognition

Our qualifications, assessment methods and resources cover a wide breadth of career pathways in the digital sector. We provide qualifications in subjects as diverse as cyber security, data, network engineering, digital support, and digital infrastructure.  

We’re passionate about creating qualifications that empower workers with the skills they’ll need to succeed. Whether learners are more interested in creative or technical fields within digital and technology, we develop qualifications that empower them with the internal resources they’ll need to progress. 

Whatever qualification we’re developing – for whatever stage of our learners’ lives and career journeys – you’ll find the same commitment to empowering progression. From our Essential Digital Skills qualifications to our cutting-edge Higher Level Technical Qualifications, all qualifications give learners the skills to successfully progress onto further education or employment. 

Opportunities in digital 

Digital skills are no longer optional, and are essential for entry for two-thirds of UK jobs (which is 82% of all online vacancies) according to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). Employees in these roles can also expect higher wages than those entering non-digital roles.  

The Open University’s panel of entrepreneurs anticipate that 8 out of 10 of the top future jobs with skills gaps are in digital. To make sure our qualifications fill those gaps, we’re constantly working with further education (FE) providers, higher education (HE) providers, training agencies, industry practitioners, employers, and subject matter experts. 

Collaborating for success

We work closely with a wide range of national and multi-national organisations to make sure our qualifications are empowering learners to fill the gaps needed for the future of the digital sector.   

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