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Digital credentials

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Digitise the way you recognise achievements

Educators and employers can now empower learners and employees with our new digital credentials service, an innovative approach to recognising and validating the skills and capabilities of individuals.

As part of your NCFE Endorsed Programme you can transform how individuals are acknowledged for their skills and competencies by issuing secure, verifiable digital credentials for their achievements.

Showcase your commitment to talent investment and the quality of your in-house training programme, by empowering employees to publicly highlight their accomplishments. For learners you can increase their employability and career progression and enable them to share what they have achieved in a credible way.

How do digital credentials work?

Digital credentials serve as a digital proof of learning to support the individuals on your NCFE Endorsed Programmes. Unlike traditional certifications, these verifiable, machine-readable assets are hard coded with metadata that is linked to your specific programme. Portable and shareable across over 170 platforms, they empower individuals on their continuous learning journey.

Our service is backed by a partnership with Learning Vault, a leading global provider of digital credentials and digital education content. Their Credential Vault platform allows organisations to issue digital credentials embedded with unique encrypted data stored on secure local servers, which means they cannot be copied or tampered with in any way.

Benefits of digital credentials

Credentials can be loaded with any metadata to recognise any accomplishment within your Endorsed Programme.

A digital credential is embedded with unique encrypted data stored on secure local servers. Credentials cannot be copied or tampered with in any way.

Every credential holds data specific to the individual recipient and issuing organisation which is instantly verifiable in real time. This means that the integrity and credibility of the award or credential is maintained.

Digital credentials can be shared on the web and social media by the recipient and are easily recovered or reissued if lost. These digital assets can be stored, managed and shared via digital skills wallets, opening up pathways to further education and employment.

Using the Learning Vault digital platform, organisations have full control over the issuing and management of their credentials. Each credential can have an expiration date for skills that need to be refreshed after a particular amount of time, and credentials can be revoked remotely for whatever reason the issuer deems necessary.

Published digital credentials carry an organisation’s branding, which supports brand awareness and helps build a positive brand reputation as you empower individuals to capture and share their skills.

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Digital credentials badges

The badges for each programme you offer can be personalised in line with your brand colours and logo.

Recipients can proudly share their achievements online, boosting brand awareness for your organisation and outwardly demonstrating how you're embracing the future of skills validation. 

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