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Schools 14 – 16

Developing a broad and balanced Key Stage 4 curriculum is key to improving the quality of education in schools.  

Delivering a mixture of academic and technical/vocational qualifications allows you to build an engaging, full curriculum that meets the needs of every pupil, giving them a solid base to understand their own strengths, skills, passions, talents and make the right choices about which path to follow. 

We’ll support you in creating a programme that boosts each pupil’s potential and drives results across your school.  

We offer: 

V Certs 

V Cert Technical Awards are vocational alternatives to GCSEs, designed to fit seamlessly alongside core subjects. Many of our V Certs count within the ‘open group’ of Progress 8.  

You can find out more about which V Certs carry performance points in our Performance Tables Guide.

Designed in collaboration with employers and practitioners, our V Certs provide pupils with both the knowledge and practical, transferable skills which will prepare them for a career in their chosen industry.

For pupils, and pupils on SEN support, in state-funded mainstream schools, taking a Technical Award is associated with pupils having lower absence rates, lower permanent exclusion rates and lower fixed exclusion rates, when compared to similar pupils who did not take a Technical Award.

Department for Education (DfE), 2019