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Special schools, PRUs and alternative provision

Special schools, pupil referral units (PRUs) and alternative provision schools are essential in ensuring every pupil, no matter what their needs, has the opportunity to succeed in their education.

At NCFE, we are passionate about ensuring no learner gets left behind, and have a range of qualifications which could support learners with Special schools, PRUs and alternative provision:

  • Essential English and maths in everyday life qualifications allow pupils to use practical skills to demonstrate their ability through portfolio evidence as opposed to a summative assessment.
  • Functional Skills qualifications provide a more vocational route for English and maths, featuring more problem solving and contextual learning that your pupils can apply in everyday life.
  • Occupational Studies is a buildable qualification comprised of flexible units which help to build skills supporting progression to the workplace.
  • Relationships, Sex and Health Education is extremely valuable to pupils, designed to make sure young people are happy, healthy and safe at school, at home and in the community. Our RSHE qualifications ensure all of the statutory government guidance is covered, and your pupils gain a nationally recognised certificate for their achievement.
Reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments, which NCFE are required to make where a learner, who is disabled as defined by the Equality Act 2010, would be at a substantial disadvantage in comparison to someone who is not disabled. NCFE is required to take all reasonable steps to overcome that disadvantage.

Read our Reasonable Adjustments Policy and learn more about making a reasonable adjustment request.

We know each child well enough to be able to set ambitious, realistic targets and put in place a structure of support to ensure they achieve them. Success looks very, very different for each child, so we take time to build personal plans and celebrate the progress they make."

Natalie O’Donnell, Meadowcroft School
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