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Febraury 2024 Updates: 

Last updated: 16/02/2024

Important actions and reminders

First term-time checkpoint now closed: To ensure the timely delivery of vocational technical qualifications (VTQ) results for learners in 2024 and beyond, we have two term-time checkpoints this academic year that you must complete. The first checkpoint is now closed and we want to thank you for submitting your information to us. If you haven’t yet completed your check, our Provider Assurance team will have been in contact with you, as failure to respond to term-time checkpoint requests within the specified period will be considered a breach of your centre agreement. The next checkpoint will open on 15 April and the deadline for completion will be 3 May.


Approval window opening on 26 February: If you’re planning to deliver additional NCFE T Level qualifications in September 2024, you’ll need to apply for additional product approval with us via our website before you can start the delivery of them. The approval window opens on 26 February 2024 and closes on 28 June 2024.  Please be aware that if your college has multiple campuses, you’ll need to apply for approval for each campus to deliver these additional qualifications. Similarly, if your academy is part of a Multi Academy Trust, each academy will require separate approval.

Applying to the Department for Education (DfE) for 2024-25 registration (funding): The deadline to register for 2024-25 funding has passed. If you still need to apply, IfATE has recommended that you contact your lead representative at the DfE or complete this form. They’ll then be able to confirm your approval status and provide any advice on the next steps.  

Assessments and reviews

Reminder on resilience arrangements and contingency planning: Please ensure you familiarise yourself with Ofqual’s guidance on resilience arrangements and our information on contingency planning. 

Autumn assessment series – post-results services: We’ll release results for the autumn assessment series to providers on 20 March 2024, ahead of you sharing these with students on Thursday 21 March 2024. If any one of your students has a query following results release on 21 March, we can support you with a range of post-results services. 

Updates to our Key Dates Schedule: We want to clarify some recent updates to the Key Dates Schedule for 2023-2025. 

Supporting your delivery

Complete your mandatory training before 29 February: All staff involved in T Levels must complete the mandatory training for delivering T Level qualifications with moderated assessments by 29 February 2024 and sign the declaration form to confirm when this is completed. This training is designed to bring your teams together to align assessment decisions and expectations for the externally moderated components of the occupational specialism (OS).

Monthly exams officer update: View this month’s update which includes important reminders specifically for exams officers, upcoming events and resources to help you.

Teaching and delivery support: We have a range of drop-in clinics, live CPD events and on-demand recordings to support your delivery. Take a look at the support available.  

Education and Early Years specific updates

Preparing for moderation: We’ve updated our preparing for moderation webpage with updated information and links. We’ve also added an ‘Education and Early Years specific information’ section, which will replace the former Education and Early Years Moderation webpage. 

Catch up on our assessor network event: If you were unable to attend our most recent assessor network event for Education and Early Years, this has been recorded and can be viewed here. You can also access the FAQs from the event.

Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Therapy specific updates

Important changes to the Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Therapy T Level: It was announced on 30 January that the Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Therapy T Level will be reshaped as a T Level focused solely on the beauty sector. This is now being scoped out and would be launched after 2025.

Heath, Healthcare Science and Science specific updates

Amendment to Health T Level qualification specification: We’ve made changes to the qualification specification for the Health T Level.

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