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Transferring DCS from another Awarding Organisation

If you’ve achieved DCS with another Awarding Organisation (AO) for a qualification that’s also offered by us, we may be able to honour this.

Please note, your request must be completed prior to your first external quality assurance review with NCFE for the QA group. Requests received following an NCFE review can not be considered.

Complete the form below with supporting evidence.

Transferring Direct Claim Status

If you are unsure of the qualification name and number search our qualifications to find them.

To enable us to transfer your DCS, please attach evidence in one of these formats and tick which evidence you have attached

Please note that we will independently authenticate a random selection of evidence supplied in support of DCS transfers. Please provide a valid email address for the AO to allow us to contact them if your evidence is selected for authentication. We will ensure that you’re copied into any correspondence.

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