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Essential Digital Skills

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Giving learners the start they need for the future they want

Essential Digital Skills are more important than ever. Since 2020, face-to-face communication has become more difficult, so understanding digital technology and communication is vital to stay connected in work and life.

What are Essential Digital Skills qualifications?

Our Essential Digital Skills qualifications (EDSQ) are funded qualifications mapped to national standards for essential digital literacy. These qualifications are designed to meet digital knowledge gaps and provide vital skills for life.

What are Essential Digital skills?

  • Using devices and handling information
  • Creating and editing
  • Communicating
  • Transacting
  • Being safe and responsible online.

Our Essential Digital Skills qualifications are available at Entry Level 3  and  Level 1, perfect for learners between 16 − 19 and adult learners.

Skills Builder: initial assessment and resources

Skills Builder provides EDSQ initial assessment and resources that are mapped to the new qualifications. These have been developed in collaboration with the digital subject matter experts who developed the national standards for the Department for Education, to ensure their effectiveness.

Your learners will go through a range of initial assessments so you can understand their current digital skills and competency based on their results. Then, we’ll provide an individual skills plan tailored to each learner’s specific needs with areas identified for improvement.

The easy-to-navigate platform is available 24/7, so your learners can develop their skills on demand at a time that suits them.

For more information on our EDSQ qualifications and Skills Builder, please fill in the contact form above.

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This webinar details how Essential Digital Skills can support learners, helping them to progress in learning and employment.

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  • 5 schemes of work that link directly to the qualification’s 5 sections
  • A teaching resource pack containing PowerPoints for 23 classroom sessions, worksheets, spreadsheets and images to support delivery
  • Learner workbooks to complement the teaching resource pack
  • An onboarding session with subject specialist support
  • 3 consultations in first 12 months of delivery
  • CPD sessions and recorded delivery guides to help you to deliver the qualification to your learners
  • A designated point of contact for any delivery questions throughout the session
  • Skills diagnostic and assessment tools, developed specifically to help you support your learners’ individual needs through assessing their starting points​
  • Customer service with a 96% satisfaction rate and world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS)*, thanks to our clear service-level agreements, multi-channel service, end-to-end support with dedicated account management, curriculum planning expertise, and transparent pricing​
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