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Remote invigilation support

Learners are now able to complete online/onscreen external assessments at home using our remote invigilation solution.

Remote invigilation allows a learner to be observed via audio and visual links when completing their online/onscreen external assessment at home.

The remote invigilation platform is safe and secure and ensures the security of the external assessment and the learner. Remote invigilation is provided by Surpass using record and review, where qualified and DBS-cleared Surpass invigilators observe every onscreen/online external assessment. 

Remote invigilation centre approval form

Qualifications available for remote invigilation

  • CYPOP 5
  • NCFE CACHE Level 3 in the Principle and Practice of Dental Nursing
  • NCFE Level 1 Functional Skills in Maths
  • NCFE Level 2 Functional Skills in Maths
  • NCFE Level 1 Functional Skills in English
  • NCFE Level 2 Functional Skills in English
  • NCFE Entry Level 3 Digital Functional Skills
  • NCFE Level 1 Digital Functional Skills

How does it work?

What are the benefits?
  • Centres will save time and resource – book the learners for the online/onscreen external assessment, provide learner instructions and we’ll do the rest
  • Flexibility of assessment timings – learners can be booked within a 6-week window, any time, any day
  • Safe and secure – technical support to learners 24/7
  • Quick approval – within 48 hours
  • Cost effective – costs are minimal compared to face-to-face invigilation
  • Results released within 6 working days* of the upload of the online/onscreen external assessment (*subject to awarding)
What’s the cost of remote invigilation?
  • Online assessment (60 minutes): £32
  • Online assessment (over 60 minutes): £37.50
  • Online assessment (not cancelled, or cancelled within 48 hours/2 days of assessment window): £16
Follow the below steps for what you need to do
  • Get remote invigilation approved within 48 hours
  • Complete the remote invigilation approval form
  • Complete the NCFE approval form if not already an approved centre 
  • Read the documents, see tile on right side of page
  • Watch the videos, see tile on right side of page
  • Speak to your nominated Account Executive
  • Check learners have the minimum system requirements
  • Talk learners through the process and support them to ensure they understand invigilated conditions
  • Provide learners with the instructions and all necessary documents
  • Share the videos with learners
  • Make sure learners receive a system check email and their live assessment email
  • Learners can access live chat support with any technical issues
  • Learners should raise with you any unresolved technical issues
  • Learners complete their online external assessment
  • External assessment will be marked by NCFE
  • Remote invigilation recording will be reviewed by Surpass
  • Any violations will be investigated
  • Results will be released
  • Post results service available where applicable
  • Book a re-sit if required