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Invalid certificate form

Please complete the invalid certificate notification form below if a certificate has been issued and the learner does not have a valid entitlement.

Examples of an incorrect/invalid certificate include (but are not limited to):

  • The learner's date of birth is incorrect
  • The certificate lists different units to the ones completed by the learner, but the learner is still entitled to the award
  • The grades (if applicable) are not reflective of what the learner achieved and were claimed by the centre. For example, the learner achieved an A for a unit, the centre claimed an A that unit, but the certificate has a C for the unit
  • The qualification printed on the certificate differs from that which the learner completed or claimed. For example, the certificate is for Level 1 Functional Skills in English, but the learner was registered to and completed the Level 2 Functional Skills in English.

You may be asked to provide supporting evidence

Please note:

If the learner’s name is incorrect on the certificate, you should not complete the incorrect certificate notification form:

  • If less than 3 months have passed since the certificate was issued, please go to Portal > Manage learners to update the learner details. A replacement certificate will automatically be issued with the updated learner name
  • If more than 3 months have passed since the certificate was issued, please complete the Replacement certificate form. The centre should void the incorrect certificate and scan a copy to [email protected]
  • There is a fee for replacement certificates, please refer to our Fees and pricing document.

Invalid certificate form


To help us understand the scope of the issue, please answer the mandatory questions below.

Please note: human error is not a valid reason.

We want to ensure you've addressed the cause of the issue to prevent future invalid certificate claims for your centre. Please tell us:

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