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Replacement certificates

The following services are available once a learner has achieved one of our qualifications and/or units. 

Replacement certificates 

We offer a replacement certificate service to both learners and centres, if the original issued certificate has been misplaced or damaged.  
A replacement certificate is an exact duplicate of your original, with “Replacement Certificate” written on the certificate. The fee is £35, which includes the cost to locate, print and post the document. 

Please complete the replacement certificate form below with the required supporting information. Where a transcript was issued as part of your original certificate, a copy will also be included with your replacement certificate. 

Replacement certificates can only be requested for qualifications awarded within the last 10 academic years (from the date of application). For CACHE qualifications awarded before this, we may be able to issue a Proof of Qualification, if we hold a record of your achievement on our database. 

We are unable to issue either a replacement certificate or Proof of Qualification for any qualification awarded before 1 September 1994. 

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

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Order replacement certificates

Replacement certificate form

Please note

We’ll only approve name amendments on certificates in the following circumstances:

- Obvious spelling errors

- Evidence can be provided that the name was changed prior to original certification

- Gender reassignment

- UK Protected Person Service Status.

Please provide more detail in the “Reason for Request” field and we’ll be in contact with you if we need more information.

Qualification Details

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