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Our values and behaviours 

Our values and behaviours are an important element of who we are as a business and guide our actions. They ensure we cultivate a purpose-led and high-performance culture at NCFE.  

Invested in the learner 

We’re here for the learner. 

Every decision we make begins and ends with the learning need. We believe in making a positive social impact, so we pivot to wherever the need is greatest and rally others to our cause – collaborating where others compete, openly sharing what we’ve learnt and reinvesting what we earn.  

Behaviours that align to this value: collaborative and accountable. 

Involved in the solution 

We blend vision and action. 

We don’t just challenge the status quo, we challenge ourselves to resolve it. We combine ambition with scale and determination to make an impact. If we say we’ll do something, we do it, rolling up our sleeves and turning expertise into practical change. The bottom line is a difference we can point to. 

Behaviours that align to this value: courageous and respectful. 

Inspired by the impact 

We do everything for a purpose. 

Because we care for learners, we judge ourselves on outcomes. For us, progress must have purpose. Every learning experience should create opportunity that wasn’t there before. So, we act with insight and intent – identifying the most impactful interventions, setting targets, stripping out inefficiency and measuring the positive difference we make.  

Behaviours that align to this value: insightful and purposeful. 

Join a values-led organisation and help us shape real change.

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