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Verification of Achievement

Verification of Achievement can only be requested for qualifications awarded within the last 10 academic years (from the date of application). We may, however, be able to provide a Verification of Achievement for certificates issued after 1 September 1994 for some qualifications. We are unable to issue anything prior to this date.

A Verification of Achievement is only available for a qualification and/or units where a certificate has previously been issued.

If requesting a verification for more than one qualification, a separate application form should be completed.

The cost for this service is £37.50 per request.

Learner details

To choose your year of birth, click on the year in the date picker to bring up the list of years. Clicking on any year will advance the list in either direction and allow more years to be selected.

3rd party details

Please upload signed confirmation from the learner to say they are comfortable that we are sharing their information. If you wish to have the Verification of Achievement sent to the learner’s address, please provide two forms of documentation relating to the Learner. Between these two documents you must be able to show photographic identification (e.g. passport, driving licence, national ID card, student card) and confirm your address (eg a recent utilities bill, bank statement)

Please note, the address given must match the proof of address attached

Please note

Following receipt of your form, we will send you an email asking you to contact us to make payment. Please have your card details to hand when you call.