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Learning for Work - Traineeships

Training for work


Traineeships are work placements designed to get young people career-ready. Thanks to the Chancellor’s post-Covid Plan for Jobs scheme, employers get £1,000 for every learner (up to 10 per region) they take on as part of this programme*.

Young learners benefit from improved employment skills after the programme, and it frequently leads onto apprenticeships or further work-based training.

Build outstanding traineeships 

We’ll use our 170 years of expertise to help you, as a training centre, to build effective traineeship programmes.

Draw on our legacy of developing education solutions to:

  • Reach and engage learners
  • Prepare learners for training
  • Build strong relationships with employers
  • Modify content to different sector areas
  • Accurately measure trainee progress.

We’ll help you build great traineeship programmes that engage learners and provide follow-up support.

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Intelligent traineeships that benefit learners 

We’ve used our knowledge of technical and vocational learning to build traineeship resources that provide:

What do traineeships involve? 

Traineeships are training programmes that include work-focused training, a work placement and support to improve skills for work. These programmes can last from 6 weeks up to one year, although most last for less than 6 months.

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