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Higher Technical Qualifications

Facilitating the journey of lifelong learning

Sitting at Levels 4 and 5, Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) are quality marked by IfATE to signify their congruence with occupational standards. They offer clear, direct progression from T Levels, and tangible routes onto Level 6 or into the workforce. Their position in coherent learning pathways is pivotal to addressing the national gap in higher technical skills. 

Prestigious qualifications of the highest quality

NCFE is committed to ensuring that our HTQs remain the gold standard in this space. Without exception, our qualifications map to 100% of the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the occupational standards with which they are aligned. We have already had five qualifications approved as HTQs for delivery from September 2023, with a further three proposed for September 2024.

For launch in September 2023
  • NCFE Level 4 Diploma: Cyber Security Engineer
  • NCFE Level 4 Diploma: Data Analyst
  • NCFE Level 4 Diploma: Digital Accessibility Specialist
  • NCFE Level 4 Diploma: Network Engineer
  • NCFE Level 4 Diploma: Healthcare Science Associate.
For launch in September 2024
  • NCFE Level 4 Diploma: Software Developer
  • NCFE Level 5 Diploma: Early Years Lead Practitioner
  • NCFE Level 5 Diploma: Senior Metrology Technician
Working together to meet local skills needs

We believe in the power of learning to change lives. Your centre sits in a unique local economy, and we want to help you build progression pathways that will address the specific skills needs of your region. Collaborate with us, and together we can comprehensively address the demands of the future workforce and change the face of higher technical education in the UK.

Collaborate with us

My experience of working with NCFE on qualification development has been very positive. It was great to see that we had the right people in the room to contribute to the development – it was useful to hear everyone’s thoughts on how they would benefit from the new qualifications.

Sonya Mullen, Learning and Development Business Partner at Home Group

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