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Good for ME Good for FE

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We’re proud to be partnering with Good for ME Good for FE, a unique social impact project looking to create a sustainable programme of community action across the UK. Through encouraging staff and students to undertake a wide range of volunteering and fundraising activities, the pioneering initiative is having a real impact on the lives of people up and down the UK.

Our partnership will look to secure the longer-term sustainability of the project, ensuring that it can strengthen its success in the generation of social value and further compel others to get involved.

What has the impact been so far?

Building on the success of the successful FE Foodbank Friday campaign, Good for ME Good for FE was launched by London South East Colleges, Loughborough College and East Coast College in July 2021 and has since gained the support of 140 FE colleges which is over half of all colleges nationwide.

To date, it has generated over £3.7m of social value and £159,000 in fundraising, impacting the lives of hundreds of people across the country. Having exceeded its initial £1m target, the campaign is now focused on ensuring continued impact by growing and developing opportunities across the UK.  

You can find out more about the social impact that Good for ME Good for FE is having by reading their Social Value Report for 2021-2022.

  • £3,725,411.30 in social value
  • 100,921 items donated to foodbanks
  • £159,554.98 raised in fundraising 
  • 214,302 volunteering hours given
Securing sustainability through investment

As a new but fast expanding initiative, our investment will look to secure the long-term sustainability of Good for ME Food for FE through a pilot programme. Our funding will support the project to bring on a new national project co-ordinator, as well as scale up their website development and marketing activity and research.

There's real synergy between the project’s aims and our own purpose to promote and advance learning to help create a fairer society. By collaborating, we can provide more social action opportunities for learners who would not otherwise have access to them, ensuring that no learner is left behind.

We hope we’re also able to further highlight the key role that colleges play as anchor institutions, central to building the social fabric of their local communities and operating far beyond traditional educational establishments.

READ: Good for ME Good for FE Social Value Report 21-22
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Their work [...] has the potential to positively impact on quite literally millions of people over the coming years and that’s why we’re honoured to be able to invest NCFE resources into making this happen.

David Gallagher, Chief Executive, NCFE