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5 benefits of accredited training

Laura Steventon Accreditation & Employer Services Officer

13 December 2019

Getting your internal and external training accredited can provide employers, companies and learners with a range of benefits that can add to the value and quality of your training programmes.

A stamp of approval

Having your training accredited by a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation is a stamp of approval which can enhance the value of your in-house training. It gives you recognition for the quality and robustness of your training programmes, and offering accredited training shows your learners that you really support their learning and development.

Increase staff retention

Developing and accrediting your internally developed training can help improve staff retention and reduce churn, as you invest and encourage staff to advance their own personal development on the job. Mutual loyalty and support between a company or employer and their employee is more likely to develop if that employer demonstrates a want and a willingness to provide opportunities for further skills and learning development for their employees.

Improve staff skills

Internally developed training can be a great way for an employer to target those skill areas that may be lacking or in need of enhancement. Accredited internal training can be utilised to shore up specific soft skills or technical skills that your staff require for their role, or can be utilised as an improvement tool for staff to improve general company-wide soft skills. Employers then have a pool of talented, skilful staff armed with the relevant tools and knowledge to go above and beyond in their job role.

Bespoke to suit you

Many off-the-shelf training programmes are broad in nature, and may contain aspects of learning that are not relevant or appropriate. By developing your own training, you’re able to tailor all aspects of the training to suit the needs of the environment and your employees. Assessment methods, delivery methods, learning outcomes and variations in learning styles are all components of training that you can tailor and adapt in order to make your training right for you and your employees.

Acknowledgement of achievement

Most of the time internal training is just that; you attend a workshop or a training day, leave with further knowledge, but nothing tangible to acknowledge the learning you have undertaken. Accreditation of internal training provides the option of developing and providing learners with a certificate of completion or a certificate of achievement to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that they have gained.

NCFE Accreditation Services can give your bespoke in-house training and qualifications something extra, with official recognition from one of the UK’s biggest awarding organisations.

To find out more about accreditation services from NCFE, please visit our dedicated webpage.

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