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5 key themes: The role of enrichment in further education research

A long-term piece of longitudinal research into the topic of enrichment is currently underway – one which is being funded by NCFE, and led by a pioneering collaboration between the Association of Colleges (AoC) and the University of Derby.

Spanning four years from 2020 to 2024, the research seeks to demonstrate the huge role enrichment activities can play in preparing students for employment and careers. 

This research will also report on the current state of enrichment activities, share best practices, demonstrate the impact of enrichment on government departments, and highlight why such activities should be better supported. 

The project began by surveying colleges on their expectations and plans for enrichment, before moving on to a second phase of talking with teachers and learners about the impact of enrichment on their learning journey and lives. 

From these conversations with staff and students, five key themes were identified:  

1. Inclusive spaces 

2. Opportunities to create belonging and be a part of the local community 

3. Co-creating learning 

4. The impact of enrichment beyond college 

5. The role of enrichment in pandemic times.

You can now read the initial report which outlines in more detail these key themes and what they might mean in relation to the wider body of research. 

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The enrichment process welcomes them in a new home and enables
them to integrate and meet new people, find new relationships and discover stuff they
would not normally have gone for."

College staff member in the College Voices report