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Laser Learning boosts knowledge, skills, and confidence of learners and assessment teams

Vivette Eaton Vivette Eaton Director of Laser Learning

Over the past few years – with so much change, a high turnover of assessment staff, and many overseas centres delivering UK qualifications – it’s become increasingly obvious that centres need to have an easy-to-use e-portfolio system. Having a system with embedded, high-quality lesson resources to cover the underpinning knowledge ensures a learner will not only ‘get through’ a qualification, but become confident and knowledgeable in their chosen subject.

At Laser Learning, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into meeting these needs to ensure that learners can follow their chosen career path, learn, develop, and achieve whilst on an enjoyable learning journey.

Three of our clients have written of their experience to show how beneficial they’ve found having an e-portfolio with embedded resources, clear progress trackers, and fully auditable assessment.

Read on to find out how a school assessment centre in Brunei, as well as a nursery school and a college in the UK, are thriving with the support of our staff and our system.

Richelle Gyau-Awuah, Head of CACHE Centre at the International School Brunei:

“Running a centre which delivers CACHE qualifications in an international setting has its challenges – however, we’ve found that using Laser Learning to deliver these qualifications supports me as an assessor/trainer to ensure my learners stay on track and have access to good quality reading materials and a range of resources. Laser’s user-friendly design enables all learners to use it with ease, regardless of their computing knowledge. The progress bars are encouraging and allows the learner and all the people involved in their training to see how well they are doing. As an assessor, I can see an individual’s progress at a glance.

“Laser’s notification system is outstanding, ensuring I never miss overdue work, uploaded evidence or emails. The Laser platform supports the annual centre reviews by providing effective ways to store detailed information and portfolio evidence, including feedback, emails, IQA sampling and standardisation meeting notes and even the qualification specifications alongside the portfolio for ease of access.

“Laser Learning employs staff who are trained assessors and IQAs with a good knowledge of NCFE’s products and services, including the CACHE portfolio, who therefore have an in-depth knowledge of the trainer/assessor role and are better equipped to offer support. Vivette (Director) is adept at providing fast, accurate and helpful guidance and support. Vivette and her team also run network meetings for all their clients to attend both UK and internationally based – not only do I learn useful tips for using Laser’s e-portfolio, but I also have the opportunity to hear from other assessors and ask questions which assists with standardisation and quality.

"Using the Laser system keeps us up to date, in touch and compliant with CACHE qualifications and any changes to qualifications and legislation.”

Joanne Poole, Head of Nursery at Wellingtons for Langley Hall, Berkshire:

“As the Nursery Manager of a large day nursery, having access to the NCFE endorsed Laser Short Courses has been pivotal to the ongoing management, nurturing, and acceleration of CPD initiatives across our team. For the 60 staff members in our setting, the Laser Short Course system gives me visibility of all training that has taken place, and also helps me to ensure that the setting remains compliant with the early years statutory guidelines, by providing staff with the vital information that they need to execute their roles effectively.

“We’re also extremely pleased with the versatile Laser Learning e-portfolio system that our apprentices are enrolled on for their training and assessment. It enables us as a setting to support our apprentices and staff who are enrolled on various courses. The e-portfolio system allows staff to communicate with their assessors, contribute to progress reviews and receive feedback in a quick and effective way once they have submitted work. This online platform is modern and suits the evolving needs of today's learners thoroughly. We are proud to continually see our staff complete their qualifications with an in-depth knowledge of child development and put these skills into everyday practice.

“Additionally, having access to all of the courses that Laser has to offer provides staff with a sense of independence in which they are able to explore other fields that complement their career. Together, the Laser Short Courses along with the Laser Learning e-portfolio with embedded lesson resources give us a robust solution in terms of supporting the development of our large team, training apprentices, and exceeding statutory requirements for staff training.”

Nickie Davies, Work-Based Learning Course Manager, Assessor and IQA for Childcare & Education, and T Level Lead and Course Manager for Education & Childcare at Bedford College:

“Bedford College has used Laser Learning e-portfolios to support the Adult Work Based Learning Programmes for over 8 years. These programmes include Level 2 and 3 qualifications for early years, childcare, supporting teaching and learning, and care. More recently we’ve also added further CPD qualifications to enhance our training provision such as Level 4 qualifications in mental health and neuroscience. We’ve also chosen to use the e-portfolios for the new T Levels in education and childcare, and health and science.

"As a training provider, the use of Laser Learning enables our learners to take ownership of their qualifications and it allows them to progress at their own individual rates with the full support of our assessors. Learners are encouraged to use the lessons that are embedded with the portfolios as a starting point for each unit. These lessons offer the learners examples of good practice, reading lists for further research and also the opportunity to stretch and challenge themselves with the extension activities. They're also a great source of support to the learners who are new to the subject, or for those who are coming back to education after a long break. The portfolio system is a great way to record and store all completed evidence for the qualifications and you can easily follow the learner’s journey throughout.

“The portfolios allow the opportunity for us as a providerto have everything in one place. We’re able to add our own resources and information, it follows the awarding body assessment methods and helps us to ensure we are meeting our awarding body requirements in terms of assessing and quality assurance, and is a simple way to share the portfolios during our Awarding Body Annual Reviews. The use of Laser Learning has enhanced our provision and this is evident from the positive feedback from Learners and our External Quality Assurance visits.”

To find out more about Laser Learning, visit their website.

Having access to the NCFE-endorsed Laser Short Courses has been pivotal to the ongoing management, nurturing, and acceleration of CPD initiatives across our team.

Joanne Poole, Head of Nursery at Wellingtons for Langley Hall