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Delivery roles of apprenticeships- The End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)

The End-Point Assessment Organisation ( EPAO) 

The EPAO plays a crucial role at the end of the apprenticeship, taking responsibility for the apprentice’s final assessment against the apprenticeship requirements.  

Impartial and distinct from the on-programme delivery, the EPAO works with the provider to make sure the apprentice and the employer are aware of the EPA requirements. 

The employer has the final say on which EPAO to use for the EPA. The training provider can help them make this decision.  

There may be several EPAOs offering EPA for the apprenticeship standards your apprentice is taking. Each may have different processes and procedures for EPA, but every EPAO designs their EPA around the brief set in the standard and assessment plan on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s (IfATE) website. 

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The EPAO must: 
  • Be a listed organisation for delivering EPA on the Register of End-Point Assessment Organisations (RoEPA) 
  • Design and develop EPA materials and guidance documents 
  • Recruit qualified sector-specific Independent End-Point Assessors (IEPAs) 
  • Give guidance on the process and expectations at EPA  
  • Confirm the apprentice is ready for EPA 
  • Deliver the EPA against each apprentice’s standard-specific assessment plan  
  • Grade the apprentice’s assessments and confirm achievements  
  • Claim the apprenticeship certificate from ESFA after the apprentice completes the apprenticeship.  
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