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External communication to all NCFE and Active IQ EPA customers

Since NCFE acquired Active IQ in December 2022, we’ve been working to combine the strengths of both organisations to offer an improved experience for the benefit of all customers and learners. In recent months, we’ve been reviewing the NCFE and Active IQ end-point assessment organisations (EPAOs), to ensure we can continue to offer the best service to our valued customers.    

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to integrate our EPAOs into one single EPAO regulated through NCFE. It’s important to note that we are not proposing any changes within the awarding / qualifications space – we’ll continue to operate as two separate awarding organisations.    

What do these changes mean for you as an EPA customer?   

There will be no change to how you work with us in the short term. There is no need for you to take any action at this time, and your points of contact remain unchanged. Please be reassured that as we work through the integration, we will manage the transition seamlessly so as not to put any additional administrative burden on you as the customer.   

What benefits will you see through this integration? 

  • The integration allows us to combine the strengths of both organisations, offering a streamlined set of standards and improved experience for you and your apprentices with aligned systems and processes. This will strengthen our service and support, reducing the administrative burden of working with multiple end-point assessment organisations.  
  • All standards will be offered through NCFE as the single EPAO. However, we recognise and respect the strength of Active IQ’s brand in the sports, leisure, fitness and facilities industries and will still be looking to represent this brand relating to those standards, as we move forward.   
  • NCFE is a market-leading EPAO, delivering a unique proposition that combines innovation and customer service into each stage of the end-point assessment process.  Active IQ integration will further strengthen this, expanding our portfolio offer, and reaching even more apprentices.  


We will be back in touch with further information on the integration shortly. In the meantime, please just let us know if you have any further questions - you can contact the Relationship team at [email protected] 

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