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Flexible vacancies 

Work with us to shape real change

We’re looking for enthusiastic and dedicated people to join our team of 150+ flexible workers who are already making a positive impact to the experience of our learners. 

Our flexible workforce consists of External Quality Assurers, Examiners, Assessment Associates, Moderators and Independent End Point Assessors, who support NCFE in ensuring learners taking NCFE qualifications are getting the best education possible.

If you take up one of these important roles with us, you’ll choose how to fit your work around your other personal and professional commitments – making this a great opportunity to make a difference in a way that suits you. 

You'll find our current flexible vacancies below. We’re proud to pay competitive rates and are happy to discuss them with you before you start the application process. We also regularly recruit to a number of other flexible roles. Our careers page will be updated as and when there are vacancies.

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Ready to shape real change? Take a look at our current opportunities for flexible work:

Flexible vacancies

How our flexible working arrangements work

We have all kinds of valued people working with us, in a variety of arrangements. One of those arrangements is a flexible working contract. Flexible workers can choose when they work, so they can balance their NCFE commitments around their personal lives. Unlike employers, flexible workers never have to take on work from us – however, we’ll expect you to deliver every project you initially accepted. There’s also no guarantee of consistent work from us. Whilst in a flexible working arrangement with NCFE, you:

  • Can work for other organisations
  • Must agree to NCFE terms and conditions to work
  • Will be assigned a manager to supervise your work
  • Are not allowed to subcontract your work
  • Will be paid via our payroll; we deduct tax and NI contributions
  • Will receive equipment, tools, and materials you need to be successful

Case study: From flexible worker to full-time colleague

Claire joined us as a flexible worker and soon progressed to a role in Assessment Delivery. After two years in that position, she became our Assessment Production Manager. We spoke to Claire about her journey with us so far:

Why did you join NCFE as a flexible worker?

I joined NCFE as an External Quality Assurer (EQA), after a recommendation from an EQA who I had been working with during my own organisation’s quality assurance visits. A position became available for a North East-based external contractor for sport, exercise, and leisure. So, I applied and went through the application and induction process.

The induction process was very engaging. We worked through various qualifications, looked at a range of quality checks that would be required, and completed role-play scenarios on giving and receiving feedback. I was responsible for many centres, from large further education (FE) colleges to small training providers based all over the North East, working across a wide range of sport and exercise programmes. In September 2018 I was also approached by the Product Development team to review a suite of newly-developed fitness qualifications.

Read the full case study

The one thing that stuck out from the induction and initial training programmes was that you were fully welcomed into NCFE. Even though I was a contractor, I was still treated with the same professionalism and respect as any colleague.

Claire Elliott, Assessment Production Manager
Why flexible work at NCFE?

Colleagues have been welcoming from day one and I have been fortunate to undertake a wide variety of roles in my five years with NCFE. I joined as an Examiner and have gone on to undertake roles including Chief Examiner, Qualification Writer and Qualification Reviewer. I have enjoyed every minute of working with NCFE and I am excited to see what the future holds.

I’m in control of how and when I work and how much I take on, which is very refreshing. Systems are in place at NCFE that make being a flexible worker very straightforward.

I became a part-time teacher after 10 years’ full-time teaching. The flexibility and income my NCFE role afforded me was a contributor to being able to do this and get a better work/life balance, while still using my subject specialist knowledge and skills.