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Do you want to endorse the qualification materials you produce?

As a leading providers of recognised qualifications. We offer an endorsement service to third party organisations. Our endorsement ensures learners have access to high quality materials that are fit for purpose and cover all learning outcomes.

Endorsement raises professional standards and brings learners closer to fulfilling their personal and career goals.

NCFE or CACHE endorsed materials and resources contribute to the success of millions of people at all levels at schools, colleges, and training organisations across the UK and internationally.

Why endorse your qualification materials?

Endorsement with the NCFE or CACHE brand signifies our proud association with you as a third party organisation.

Endorsement demonstrates to learners that your qualification resource:

  • is fit for purpose
  • covers all learning outcomes
  • meets all assessment criteria
  • is of the highest standard and quality

Endorsement fees

The fee for each review of resources is calculated according to the number of units submitted per qualification. The fee will be agreed with you before the review process starts.

Ready to endorse your materials?

The simple, seven-step endorsement service endorses materials that meet our endorsement criteria, are fit for purpose, and cover all learning outcomes.

Step 1 - Application
Email [email protected] and request a submission form.

Step 2 - Submission
Complete the form and return it, together with a mapping document, to [email protected]

Step 3 - Review
Our experts will review your submission against our set endorsement criteria.

Step 4 - Feedback
Our reviewers will provide feedback and highlight any amendments or changes needed to meet our endorsement criteria.

Step 5 - Second review
Our experts will review your submission again, highlighting any further required amendments or forwarding your submission for approval.

Step 6 - Approval
Once all feedback has been addressed* and our reviewers are satisfied that your resources meet our endorsement criteria, we’ll issue a letter of endorsement.

Step 7 - Endorsement
On the successful review of your materials and issue of your endorsement letter, you’ll receive copies of the NCFE or CACHE endorsement logo(s) and our endorsement guidelines. If any changes are made to your resource following our endorsement, you must resubmit it for further review and revalidation to ensure our criteria are met.

*If, after the second review, the resource still does not meet the required endorsement standards, further reviews will be available for an additional fee.

Contact us

We are here to help. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Our Learning and Teaching Resources Endorsement Criteria

Where a third party resource is being considered for endorsement by us, we use the following criteria:

  • is the content of the resource suitable?
  • is the literacy demand appropriate?
  • does the resource meet Equality and Diversity requirements?
  • is the level appropriate?
  • are all associated learning outcomes and assessment criteria covered sufficiently?
  • does the resource allow learners to present sufficient evidence to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria, including range as identified in the qualification specification?