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Endorsement service

Want to endorse the qualification materials you produce? 

If they’re up to our standards, your qualification resources may be able to get our seal of approval.   

Our endorsement raises the professional standards of your qualifications and brings learners closer to fulfilling their potential. Our endorsed resources contribute to the success of millions of people at all levels in their career. 

Why endorse your qualifications? 

CACHE is a recognised name in the health and science, social care, and early years and education sectors, which signifies professional expertise. When you endorse with us, your qualification resources are associated with our heritage and the highest quality. 

Endorsement demonstrates that your qualification resources are: 

  • Fit for purpose 
  • Cover all learning outcomes 
  • Meet all assessment criteria 
  • Of the highest standard and quality. 
Endorsement fees 

The fee is based on the number of units submitted per qualification. We’ll agree it with you before we start the review process.  

Ready to endorse your materials? 

Please email our Content team at [email protected] with details of your request, and we will contact you for further discussion.

Contact us 

We’re here to help. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] 

Our learning and teaching resources endorsement criteria 

When we’re considering a third-party resource for endorsement, we look at: 

  • Alignment with our business and portfolio priorities
  • Suitability of the resource 
  • Appropriate literacy demand 
  • If it meets equality and diversity requirements 
  • Appropriate level 
  • Associated learning outcomes and assessment criteria coverage 
  • If the resource lets learners present evidence demonstrating how they’ve achieved the learning outcome and assessment criteria included in the qualification specification.