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Fantastically Functional

The perfect alternative for English and maths.

Alternative qualifications are vital to ensure that everyone has access to success.

Functional Skills qualifications give organisations the option to offer GCSE alternatives to their learners, enabling them to progress in learning, life and their careers.

Reformed and redeveloped in 2019, these up to date qualifications give learners practical, functional and indispensable skills.

For the latest information on Functional Skills qualifications in relation to adaptations and changes due to Covid-19, please visit our dedicated webpage.

We’re committed to helping learners achieve in Functional Skills, equipping them for the next step in their learning, lives and careers.

Why choose us? 

When it comes to Functional Skills, we can support you from start to finish. Using Skills Forward's initial assessment and diagnostic tools, paired with NCFE's full suite of high-quality Functional Skills qualifications, we'll help to ensure engagement, success and achievement for your learners. 

  • Skills Builder from Skills Forward identifies your learners’ English and maths skills levels through initial assessment and diagnostics as well as providing individual learning plans - ensuring they are on the right path from day one.


  • Continued support from our dedicated Provider Development team of English and maths experts from the start, assisting with your planning, training and resource needs.


  • A range of learner and teacher resources - including remote learning tools from Skills Forward and 'pick up and go' resources from NCFE, allowing you to offer a full blended learning approach.


  • anytime, anywhere assessment - our remote invigilation solution for Functional Skills enables your learners to sit their assessments anytime, anywhere.


  • On-demand online assessment - learners can be booked on when they’re ready, and we allow an open window of 6 weeks to sit the exam, allowing flexibility.*


  • Online assessment results from 6 working days - the fastest in the sector.*


  • Online feedback for learners - identify areas for improvement if needed, to help achievement rates.*


  • For when things don’t go as planned first time, we also provide a free resit - just in case.*


  • Standardisation videos – to standardise the marking process for assessments.**


  • Reading and spelling lists – ideal for helping your learners to understand the key words required as per the Department for Education subject content.**


  • Support to adapt the context of assessments – templates and guidance to support you to create context that specifically supports your learners, to help them achieve.**


  • Free EQA support – you’ll be appointed your own EQA at point of registration and you will have their full support throughout your delivery on the quality processes.**

*Level 1 and 2 Functional Skills qualifications

**Entry level Functional Skills qualifications


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Fantastically functional

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Remote invigilation

Find out more about our exciting remote invigilation solution for Functional Skills.

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Visit QualHub for detailed and technical information on qualifications, policies, processes, resources and more.

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The organisation is continually improving its service offer, for example with the implementation of the six-day turnaround of results, which was a bonus for us. This fast turnaround has made it a lot easier for us to keep on track, especially during busy exam periods when we would previously have had a sudden influx of 30 or 40 results, so we’ve been particularly pleased about this aspect of working with NCFE.

Skills Builder from Skills Forward

Skills Builder is a comprehensive eLearning solution for Functional Skills that incorporates Ofsted and ESFA compliant assessments, detailed skills diagnostics, progression tracking and innovative resources to aid skills development and increase productivity.

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Fully Functional

Creating a level playing field for English and maths is vital. Support Fully Functional to help us ensure that everyone has the skills they need for work and life.

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Our padlet has an abundance of information on our English and maths qualifications, including resources, assessment information, handy webinars and more.

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