Functional Skills

Why Functional Skills?

Functional Skills qualifications give learners useful, transferable skills in English, maths and ICT. Functional Skills help learners function more confidently, effectively and independently in their work, as well as life in general.


We know how important flexibility is to you and that’s why our online and paper-based assessments have lots of flexibility. Our online assessments are available 24/7 and our paper-based exams can be taken five days before or five days after the scheduled assessment date!


We offer lots of free support for you and your learners, including:

  • Webinars
  • Sample papers
  • Support from our dedicated curriculum team
  • External quality assurance visits
  • Resources
  • Access to Forskills Initial Assessment and Diagnostic tools.Certification claims processed within 24 hours.


When mistakes are made, you need to know how to put them right, that’s why we offer 3 different kinds of feedback!

Rich feedback

This feedback is a detailed report that indicates the learner’s strengths, weaknesses, and suggested development areas. It includes recommendations for supportive resources and can be used for a cohort of leaners.

Compact feedback

This gives a succinct and clear high level breakdown of the assessment, mapped to the Coverage and Range statements (where possible). It uses feedback codes and a glossary and is available for individual learners. Available for individual learners.

Automated feedback

This service is automatic and available alongside level 1 and level 2 English and maths Functional Skills online assessments – and what’s more, it’s completely free!


Our service is super-fast which means you’re not left waiting around. With NCFE you’ll benefit from no marking windows, results in 6 days and certificates issued within 24 hours of your claim!

Functional Skills Qualifications

Find our Functional Skills qualifications, learning resources and delivery support on our dedicated website QualHub

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NCFE Events

We have a range of Events designed to help you with Functional Skills, head to QualHub to find out more.

Functional Skills Events

Summary Sheets

Download our summary sheets now for an overview of our Functional Skills offering and the services we provide.