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NCFE’s reformed Functional Skills qualifications

Choose NCFE for reformed Functional Skills and we’ll issue your online results faster than anyone else!

NCFE customers benefit from exceptional support. We can guide you through the transition of the reform with our dedicated English and maths curriculum experts, support materials and training events!

We want to offer you the best support and service possible, which is why we’re providing you with lots of great features for the new Functional Skills qualifications, including:

  • a 6 working day turnaround* for online assessment results – the fastest results release in the sector.
  • on-demand online assessment available 24/7.
  • a free resit option.
  • automatic approval for the qualifications if you’re already approved with us, meaning no hassle!
  • an enhanced level of feedback available for learners, including free automated feedback for online English and maths assessments as well as compact and rich feedback options.
  • support from our in-house Curriculum team – English and maths teachers who are on hand to guide through delivery and answer questions.
  • a large number of interactive learning resources, suitable for both classroom and workplace learning.
  • certificates processed within one working day.
  • an exclusive discount to elearning platform, Skills Forward.

And more!

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*guaranteed from January 2020


On our dedicated website QualHub, you’ll find:

  • qualifications details
  • learning resources
  • approval forms
  • delivery support
  • much more.
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Don’t forget!

Registrations on the current Functional Skills qualifications close on 31 August 2019 and learners need to complete the qualification by 31 August 2020. Registrations on the new qualifications will start from 1 September 2019.

Delivery days

Our training days help prepare staff to deliver Functional Skills qualifications. The training days are a great chance to meet with subject experts and like-minded practitioners to expand on current knowledge and understanding of the qualifications.
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Mapping documents

We’re produced some useful mapping documents to help illustrate how the current Functional Skills content translates to the reformed qualifications.
Mapping documents

Sample papers

Take a look at our sample assessment papers for the reformed qualifications.
Sample papers

Case Studies 

Hampshire County Council

“While I was not in post when we chose to work with NCFE – more than ten years ago – I’m aware that one of the reasons the decision was made was due to NCFE’s focus on customer service and friendly approach, and they have certainly delivered. They have been a pleasure to work with over the years.

“The organisation is continually improving its service offer, for example with the implementation of the six-day turnaround of results, which was a bonus for us. This fast turnaround has made it a lot easier for us to keep on track, especially during busy exam periods when we would previously have had a sudden influx of 30 or 40 results, so we’ve been particularly pleased about this aspect of working with NCFE.”

Matt Herbert, Quality Support Officer