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Initial enquiry form for CACHE/NCFE Regulated Qualifications

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We provide two different types of services to our international customers: 

Customised Qualifications – these are qualifications written by you and accredited by us, and are unregulated. This means that they are  not regulated by Ofqual and are not part of a qualification framework. To enquire about this service, please complete the  Customised Qualifications enquiry form

Regulated qualifications – these are qualifications written by us and regulated by Ofqual, using the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). To speak to us about our regulated qualifications, please complete the form below. 

This is your opportunity to tell us about your organisation, your governance, where and how you operate, and what you want to offer. Please give us as much detail as you can.

Regulated Qualifications enquiry form

1. Your organisation

Geographical locations (cities, countries) in which you propose to offer NCFE qualifications and accredited awards

2. Governance of your organisation

3. Awarding organisation / examination organisation history

4. Tell us about the products you would like to offer
Which of our products and services are you interested in offering?

5. Business planning