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Essential Digital Skills (Entry Level 3) Digital Resource Pack



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To complement and support the delivery of the Essential Digital Skills qualifications, NCFE has produced an all-in-one digital package of resources.

The Digital Resource Pack encompasses the Resource Pack with the addition of the digital learner workbook. The package includes:

  • 23 sessions of engaging PowerPoints that cover all learning outcomes. All PowerPoint slides can be altered to allow flexibility for tutors to make more learner cohort-specific examples, weblinks, etc.
  • Associated worksheets and supporting materials for the sessions.
  • A digital learner workbook that can be shared with all your learners as a great reference point and place to save examples of their work.

This digital resource pack is versatile and editable and is an easy way to support classroom delivery.

This pack combined with the freely downloadable Schemes of Work complete the digital set. These detailed schemes of work include session timings, suggested additional links to videos, articles and useful websites.

Centres purchasing this digital package of resources can use them with an unlimited number of tutors and registered learners. The one-off fee will include any updates and revisions to the learning materials if required.