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Experience a free, interactive simulation of a nursery, perfect for early years learners and trainee Childcare and Nursery Assistants. 

Explore essential aspects of health and safety within an open nursery setting through our user-friendly app, available for both PC and Mac. NurseryVue was created in consultation with subject specialists, tutors, and learners to authentically mirror the real nursery environment. 

NurseryVue aids learners in building confidence and preparing for work experience right from the convenience of their remote learning environment. 

NurseryVue covers a range of early years learning topics: 

  • Food and nutrition
  • Physical care routines
  • Caring for unwell children
  • Identifying and managing risks and hazards.

Each topic is introduced, followed by an interactive experience set within a nursery environment, and then learners can test their knowledge with a variety of multiple-choice questions. 

Key benefits: 
  • It's free, making it accessible for all providers and learners
  • Aligned with our qualifications
  • Offers a diverse range of topics for a comprehensive understanding
  • Provides scenarios and quizzes for learners to practice and identify areas for improvement
  • Offers different settings, including an indoor nursery classroom and outdoor playground, for a well-rounded perspective. 
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